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ONE YOU MAY HAVE MISSED OVER THE SUMMER: Future local gov must be flexible, agile and collaborative ?


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Martin Sadler, Digital Gaps, Mark Cridge, Managing Director, MySociety and Shane O'Neill, Chairman, Elgin have some answers 27 June

Digital technology has brought with it the opportunity to deliver services in completely different ways. But too often, local government services like planning or social care have stayed essentially the same, with a bit of digital applied at the edges.

MySociety’s FixMyStreet and Elgin’s have both challenged and changed the traditional way local authorities use IT to deliver services and this programme covers why service transformation has been so difficult and what the way forward might be from here.

Martin Sadler has a wide range of experience in IT leadership across a range of sectors, including Director of IT for Walsall MBC.

Mark Cridge is Managing Director of MySociety. He started as an architect, and worked in advertising and design consultancy before moving into the world of tech start ups and then MySociety from 2015.

Shane O’Neill led the management buy out of Elgin, a regional roadworks portal, and  re-launched it as, the communications hub for live and planned road and traffic information. This has become a key tool for traffic professionals and others, and enables the publishing of roadworks information on local authority websites.

Recorded in front of a live audience at An Audience With CLGdotTV No2 Summer 2018


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the challenges of patient/citizen information sharing and how these can be overcome
the role of population, NHS ‘SUS’ and other data in improving service interventions and outcomes
self-supporting communities – how far will social prescribing and asset based commissioning take us?
the potential of apps and other digitally-enabled products and services in social care
the sustainability of current health and social care systems.
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