PODCAST first published 6 Aug 2018: On Monday 24th September the Government's £7.5 million Local Digital Fund will open for applications.

Tim Lancaster of Arcus Global and Joe Tibbetts speculating on future of AI in the delivery of social care, social housing, mental health care & other council services. ...Read more

All CLGdotTV programmes to be simultaneously published as podcasts

In addition to our regular newly commissioned Talking Local Government podcasts we will publish the audio tracks from our dotTV programmes re-purposed as podcasts....Read more

Why ‘data camps’ are no longer just for geeks

Jamie Whyte, founder of data consultancy Propolis and Julian Tait, CEO of Open Data Manchester, discuss growing interest among public sector managers in making better use of data for decision-making....Read more

PODCAST: Smart stab vests and geolocating for frontline blue-light services. Smart gets mobile.

Richard Rawcliffe - VP Public Sector for DELL - brings Joe Tibbetts up to light-speed on IoT and digital public service delivery....Read more

Can young people ever be safe in an uncontrolled drugs market?

Ian Birrell an international correspondent and Andrew Boff a London politician wonder why, when crime overall is going down, is violent crime on the increase in UK ...Read more

An Audience With CLGdotTV No3 - Social Care & Health - 23 October in London

Six webTV programmes recorded in a day, all with the participation of a studio audience....Read more

PODCAST: Drug treatment in England today

Cyber security is no longer the exclusive concern of governments, police forces and big organisations.

Lord Forsyth, chair of Economic Affairs Ctte inquiry into social care system in England, calls for evidence

Encouraging women into local government will hit the headlines this autumn. Not before time.

Robert Skidelsky says that the UK economy is on course for another crash.

Adult arrests for dealing cannabis are going down while those for young people are rising fast. Volteface the drugs policy think tank asks why.

CLGdotTV - The Local Public Services Channel launches Phone-In programme

PODCAST: Keith Jones spent 16 years working on the Lake District, UNESCO World Heritage Site bid.